Dalton, Massachusetts 

Heaven in the heart of the Berkshires

Dalton Beautification Commission

The Dalton Beautification Commission, a small, grassroots, volunteer organization has the goal of improving the quality of life in the community by bringing the beauty of nature into the streetscape of Dalton. In response to interest expressed by citizens that more should be done to enhance the physical beauty of Dalton, the Dalton Select Board established the DBC in 2001. To date, all feedback on the Commission activities, have been encouraging and most supportive. The DBC hopes to build upon our projects by engaging others…. both individuals and businesses. Our aim is to enhance the aesthetic level by the introduction of incremental, simple and practical ways i.e. asking people to pick up thoughtlessly tossed litter, being mindful of limiting noise pollution, by reminding people of their responsibility to remove one’s pet waste from sidewalks and lawns, by encouraging the planting of flowers, etc. We hope that these steps will catch-on, helping to generate and maintain pride of place---making Dalton, already a lovely environment, a nicer place to call home.


The core membership is made up of a seven-member board, appointed to three year terms, by the Select Board. The current members are in the Appointed Officers list maintained by the Town Clerk’s Office. The DBC always welcomes additional volunteers to assist in the hands-on-work of garden maintenance. Please contact the Dalton Town Hall or any DBC member for more information.


Dalton Beautification projects are located along Dalton’s Main Street at the intersection of Main and North Street, as well as, Main Street and Old Windsor Road, which are the two largest gardens, softening the harshness of these heavily traveled areas. A mixture of perennials and annuals bring color and serenity to those passing by. Also nearby, the 707 Main Street site brings the beauty of floral displays to the sidewalk area fronting a gas station /convenience store. Planters atop our Library steps are filled with shade loving plants, enhancing the beautiful full-length windows on the north side of Dalton’s Town Hall. Additionally, a min-garden brings a pleasing presence to the entrance of South Street.

For eight years, Main Street’s Benjamin/Muraca Bridge, was decorated with flower filled baskets honoring these Dalton heroes. However, due to the bridge’s need for repair, the DBC has suspended this project, until the State does the needed maintenance. The lack of funds for such infrastructure work is currently unavailable, per the Region 1 State Highway Department Bridge Inspection Unit.
The Dalton Beautification Commissioner’s funding is a small annual stipend from the Town. A one-time gift several years ago, from the Rotary has been helpful when expenses exceed the Town allotment. The DBC is also grateful for gift donations from individuals, expressing thanks for the DBC efforts.

Town and Community Partners

The Dalton Beautification Commission has received extraordinary assistance from the Dalton Highway Department, storing planters etc. over the harsh New England winters. The Dalton Fire Department support the DBC efforts by watering our displays during the summer months. Also, Holiday Farm has provided compost to keep gardens healthy and happy. Additionally, the L.P. Adams Company has always been most generous donating needed supplies. We are indeed grateful for the assistance of these community partners.

Info provided by Chairperson Annmarie Cicchetti.
More information is available in the latest Annual Report, available under Publications.

Last updated 7/3/2016
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