Dalton, Massachusetts 

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Town Phone Directory

All departments with 684-6111 numbers are physically located in the Town Hall, as are the Library and Police Departments.  Additional boards/departments may be found under "Town" categories at left, as not all have contact phone numbers.

 Phone Numbers

Animal Control Officer413-684-6111 ext. 28
Animal Control Emergencies413-684-0300
Assessors413-684-6111 ext. 10
Board of Registrars413-684-6111 ext. 15
Building Inspector413-684-6111 ext. 27
Cemetery Office413-684-6117
Communications Department413-684-0300
Community House413-684-0260
Conservation Commission413-684-6111 ext. 11
Council on Aging413-684-2000
Cultural Council413-684-6111 ext. 11
Dalton Youth Center413-684-0120
Emergency Fire/Police911
Emergency Management413-684-0020
Finance Committee413-684-6111 ext. 11
Fire Department413-684-0500
Fire District Treasurer413-684-6118
Forest Warden413-684-0500
Health Department413-684-6111 ext. 20
Historical Commission413-684-6111 ext. 35
Highway Department413-684-6115
Housing Authority413-684-2493
Licensing Board413-684-6111 ext. 13
Parks and Recreation (CRA)413-684-0260
Planning Board413-684-6111 ext. 29
Plumbing & Gas Inspector413-684-6111 ext. 27
Police Department413- 684-0300
Public Health Nurse413-684-6111 ext. 20
Public Library413-684-6112
Sealer of Weights & Measures413-684-6111 ext. 11
Select Board413-684-6111 ext. 13
Town Accountant413-684-6111 ext. 17
Town Clerk413-684-6111 ext. 14
Town Collector413-684-6111 ext. 24
Town Manager413-684-6111 ext. 12
Town Moderator413-684-6111 ext. 11
Town Treasurer413-684-6111 ext. 18
Traffic Commission413-684-6111 ext. 30
Veterans' Services413-684-6111 ext.19
Water Department413-684-6118
Wiring Inspector413-684-6111 ext. 27
Zoning Board of Appeals413-684-6111 ext. 29

Last updated 6/25/2017
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