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Dalton, Massachusetts
Heaven in the heart of the Berkshires

Miscellaneous Publications and Awards
Publications in this section may be either published by or about the Town of Dalton.
Attached Document or FileNeighbor-to-Neighbor Grant  - financial assistance for residents in crisis (Mar 10)
Attached Document or FileCommunity Development Strategy  - draft FY 2010-2013 (Nov 09)
Attached Document or FileCapital Improvement Program  - CIP funding summary FY 2010-2014 (Nov 09)
Attached Document or FileMunicipal Auction  - flyer describing 7 properties to be sold; see auctioneer's site for detailed maps and forms (5 Dec 09)

Attached Document or FileAA bond rating  - assigned to Town by Standard & Poor (25 Jun 09)
Attached Document or Filee-Government Award  - presented to Town by Common Cause of MA (19 Mar 09)

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