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Dalton, Massachusetts
Heaven in the heart of the Berkshires

Open Space Committee
The Town of Dalton, in partnership with the Berkshire Regional Planning Commission, received a grant from the State to fund the development of an Open Space and Recreation Plan.  An Open Space and Recreation Committee was formed to create long-term goals to better utilize our current open space areas and recreational sites.  The Committee will also look into ways in which privately-owned, undeveloped land may be added to the existing open spaces and possibly used for recreation by our residents.

Members of the Open Space Committee are appointed for 1-year terms. Current members are in the Appointed Officers list maintained by Town Clerk's office.

Draft Plan now available!

We proud to present for public review and comment the Draft 2006 Dalton Open Space and Recreation Plan.  We have been working on this plan for several months, and we hope it meets the needs of Dalton residents and town officials. The Plan includes 10 single-page maps, and will also include the Survey responses as an Appendix. All documents are attached below.
Please forward any comments you may have regarding the plan to Lauren Gaherty, our consultant, no later than December 19, 2006.  Her contact information is provided below.  Or, if you prefer, please feel free to contact one of the members of the Open Space and Recreation Committee.  Once we have received and incorporated all new comments, we will submit the plan to the Mass. Division of Conservation Services for the required approval.

Lauren Gaherty, Senior Planner
Berkshire Regional Planning Commission
1 Fenn St., Suite 201
Pittsfield, MA 01201
413-442-1521, ext 35 (phone)
413-442-1523 (fax)
Attached Document or FileDraft Plan  - 2006 Open Space and Recreation Plan - Dec 06 draft (53pp)
Attached Document or FileMap: Water resources  
Attached Document or FileMap: Soils  
Attached Document or FileMap: Biological resources  
Attached Document or FileMap: Existing infrastructure  
Attached Document or FileMap: Unique features  
Attached Document or FileMap: Current zoning  
Attached Document or FileMap: Land use  
Attached Document or FileMap: Future land use  - based on current zoning at maximum buildout
Attached Document or FileMap: Open space  
Attached Document or FileMap: Actions to be taken  
Attached Document or FileSurvey Results  - responses of Dalton residents to 2006 survey (16pp)

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